Microsoft Project Training In Nigeria

(Lagos, Abuja, Benin, Warri, Port Harcourt, Kaduna, Kano, Ibadan, Uyo, Eket)

ITPLUS offers customized Microsoft Project training for Corporate bodies and the public. The Microsoft Project training is designed to familiarize you with the basic and advanced features and functions of Microsoft Project Professional 2016 so you can use it effectively and efficiently in a real-world environment.

Microsoft Project helps managers deliver projects on-time and on-budget by turning project variables into vivid graphics and actionable data. With big picture and micro-level views, managers stay on top of deliverables throughout the lifespan of a project.
This Microsoft Project class takes an in-depth approach to key features of Project including task entry and linking, resource and resource management, examining and updating projects. You will learn to efficiently manage projects, create master projects and subprojects, create and customize visual reports, work with resource pools, and learn about costing.

Duration: 3 days                              Course fee: N40,000

Participants are encouraged to come with their laptops

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Microsoft project 2016 Course Outline

  1. Quick Review of Microsoft Project Basics
    1. New Features and Edition Comparison
    2. Using Help
    3. Microsoft Project User Interface
    4. Using the Ribbon
  2. Task Entry and Task Linking
    1. Working with Task Durations and Relationships
    2. Project Terminology
    3. Creating Constraints for Tasks in AutoSchedule Mode
  3. Resources and Resource Management
    1. Creating Resources
    2. Assigning Resources to Tasks: AutoSchedule Mode
    3. Assistance in Finding Resources with Available Working Time
    4. Assigning Additional Resources to Reduce Task Duration
    5. How Project Recalculates the Task Duration in AutoSchedule Mode
    6. Using Material Resources
  4. Managing the Project and Understanding Project Views
    1. Task Linking
    2. Outline Tasks
    3. Constraints and Deadlines
    4. Resources
    5. Resource Assignments
    6. Inserting and Hiding Columns
    7. Customizing the Gantt Chart
    8. Editing Tasks Using the Gantt Chart
    9. Using Network Diagrams
    10. More about Tables
    11. Applying Filters
    12. WBS Codes and Viewing a WBS
  5. Examining and Updating the Project
    1. Amending Tasks
    2. Understanding Baseline and Interim Plans
    3. Tracking and Updating Tasks Effectively
    4. Viewing Progress Lines
    5. Understanding Project Costs
    6. Creating a Budget
    7. Project Deliverables
  6. Printing and Reporting
    1. Printing Project Views
    2. Reports
    3. What You Can Print
    4. Reports by Report Type
  7. Multiple Projects and Resource Sharing
    1. The Resource Pool
    2. Updating the Resource Pool
    3. Consolidating Projects
    4. Comparing Project Versions


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